Quickbooks Custom Programming

QuickBooks is an awesome tool for your business right out of the box.  However, you may find yourself needing more — either a custom report, integration with your existing software, or additional functionality that is not included in the off-the-shelf version of QuickBooks.

We offer solutions that are compatible with all versions of QuickBooks desktop, online edition, and POS systems.

Group 1826 has helped client after client improve their business by enhancing the functionality of QuickBooks.  If there is a redundant process, we can help remove it.  If you need a custom report or application, we can build a custom plugin that easily allows you to pull that information right from within QuickBooks — no need for extra drivers or Excel manipulation.

All of our solutions are designed to improve your work-quality of life.  These solutions can be tailored to your specific need.

Don’t know where to start?  Ask yourself what you wish QuickBooks did that it doesn’t do now.  Go ahead.  Want a WIP report, an automated way to post allocated overhead, or a quick way to upload field captured timecards?  No problem, let’s get started.

We have a proven process to determine what you need and manage the project efficiently:

Recon and Needs – research and investigation of what the client needs.  We specifically define and document the scope of the project ensuring that we are on the same page before any work is done.

Draft and Mock Up – after confirming the scope, we begin to draft and design the solution.  We also mock-up a working model and demonstrate with you to ensure it is performing as you envisioned it would.  If changes are needed, we make those.

Plugs Out Test – with final changes made, this test is conducted onsite in real time.  We document the performance and complete the technical documentation.

Deployment – delivery of the project to client.

Training – using the technical documentation and other teaching aids, we traing staff on use of the product.

Follow-Up – after the product has been deployed onsite, we stay in close contact with the client to ensure the solution is performing as anticipated.

We are committed to this process because it has been pressure-tested and delivers results.  Contact us with your next customer programming project.

As an authorized QuickBooks Solution Provider, Group 1826 offers service and support for QuickBooks products–from setup and training to troubleshooting and advanced techniques. As a reseller, Group 1826 is your destination for preferred pricing AND we house a dedicated team of product specialists to help achieve your financial goals.