Custom Programming

Group 1826 offers ground-up solutions to automate and manage simple or complex business tasks. We can help you manipulate and migrate existing data or build mobile apps that you can access on the go from your smart devices.

When clients come to Group 1826 and say, “they just wish that their software did this or that,” we can help. If there is redundancy anywhere in your processes, our experienced staff can work with you in multiple platforms to reduce inefficiencies.

There is no process or data exchange that is too complicated.

If you’re not sure where to start, Group 1826’s consulting services can help navigate the best route to achieve the results you want by:

  • Helping define your goals and documenting a path for getting there
  • Leveraging existing software solutions where possible
  • Integrating different software pieces
  • Adding hardware if necessary
  • Tailoring custom built solutions through programming

Group 1826 will do the research and testing so you can focus on your business.

If custom programming services are what you need, Group 1826 can provide the right fit solutions to achieve your goals.

Whether you need to automate and manage simple to complex business tasks, manipulate and migrate existing data, or build mobile apps that can be accessed on the go from smart devices, Group 1826 has got a solution for you.

Our staff has experience in various programming languages and can write scripts, plugins, and apps for Excel, QuickBooks, Google Apps, Sage, and web applications like Netsuite, SalesForce among others.

If there is a process or an exchange of data that is too complicated or there is a duplication in your workflow because data is being entered twice into multiple systems, we can help automate and streamline your workflows.