Group 1826 Tax Solutions

Group 1826 specializes in tax preparation and tax planning.

Here’s a list of how Group 1826 Tax Preparation Services can help ease the stress of preparing and filing your personal and business tax returns:

  • Simplify your tax planning and tax filing process
  • Minimize your tax liability
  • Maximize your tax return refund
  • Keep your money in your pocket
  • Protect and preserve your hard-earned assets
  • Understand and use sound tax planning strategies
  • Ensure tax compliance and avoid fines and penalties
  • Get your questions answered knowledgeably

According to a 2002 study by the General Accounting Office (GAO), taxes comprise the single largest category of household expenditures. According to a Tax Foundation Special Report , income tax paid by individuals, as a percentage of income, continues to set new highs and is a major expense of enormous concern to Americans. Taxpayers who use a tax professional receive bigger refunds — $444 bigger refunds, on average.