Efficient Bookkeeping and More

In order to grow, awesome business owners, just like you, strive to focus on key activities like selling, marketing, and making strategic decisions. Bookkeeping tasks can distract from these. Let us plug into one or more of your bookkeeping areas. Then, you can be free to unplug and reconnect to the key activities that grow your business. 

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CFO/Controller Services

We can help you feel secure about where your money is and where it is going. We plug into ensuring accurate and timely accounting transactions are done for your business. We generate reports and systems that track key performance indicators, setup + maintain a healthy budget, and lead you through ratio analysis.

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Services

Whether you are migrating to QuickBooks from another accounting system or have been a longtime user looking to get more out of QuickBooks, the certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor at Group 1826 can help.  We bring value to our clients by plugging into all facets of QuickBooks operation including staff training, support/trouble-shooting, third-party and/or custom application integration, and more.

Our process to determine exactly what you need and how to continue managing it: 

Investigate → Design → Test → Deliver → Train → Launch → Follow-up

QuickBooks Payroll Services

Is doing your own payroll taking time away from running your business? 

Are you spending too much money on costly payroll service bureaus like ADP and Paychex? 

Have you had to pay a penalty because of payroll tax errors or missed deadlines? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, then let’s get you plugged into our full service payroll solutions. We can custom build one that fits your needs, or we invite you to try Intuit’s Payroll Processing. It is our “go-to”. (You don’t even have to have a QuickBooks subscription at all!) 

QuickBooks Solutions Provider

As an authorized QuickBooks Solution Provider, Group 1826 offers service and support for QuickBooks products– from knowing which product to choose, setup and training to troubleshooting and advanced techniques. As a reseller, Group 1826 is your destination for preferred pricing AND we house a dedicated team of product specialists to help achieve your financial goals.

Curious about getting connected to a QuickBooks Solution

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