The Mission of Group 1826

To come alongside our clients as they strive to reach their summit and provide a one-stop-shop of products and services that offer complete business solutions to advance/accelerate success.


Bookkeeping - 21 years avg.
Payroll & H.R. - 4 years avg.
Quickbooks - 12 years avg.
Custom Programming - 13 years avg.
Tax Preparation - 10 years avg.

How we got started:

I graduated from UT to be an educator, then a temporary job right out of college turned into a career helping a company exponentially grow in sales, employees, and locations nationwide. This work became a passion! 13 years later and after getting a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Ethics, I founded Group 1826 with my wife to continue my love for helping businesses. I specifically love the “a-ha” moments (the educator in me), helping clients, and making businesses and lives better! I had the opportunity to start Paige Financial Services in 2020 to help people navigate their finances and taxes post pandemic. Then in early 2023, I began the launch of Quatro Software to meet the growing needs of finding technology solutions in the bookkeeping world. All I can say is, all the time- God is good and He is faithful (even amidst job losses, wondering where the money will come from, illness, etc.).

Jeffrey Berthelsen

Husband, Father, and Group 1826 Co-Founder
Owner of Group 1826 Jeffrey Berthelsen


  • Integrity
    Integrity matters. All decisions and actions are measured against this.
  • Quality
    We provide the highest quality products and services to our clients.
  • Competitiveness
    We will fight to win as long as winning aligns with our values.


  • People
    We develop relationships that make a difference with our own employees, with our clients, and within the communities we live.
  • Accountability
    We are accountable for our commitments. If we say it, we do it.
Happy Clients
Successful Cases