Who We Are

Who we are

A dedicated group committed to connecting with our clients and empowering them to succeed in their business. We understand that tasks like bookkeeping, tax preparation, and maintaining a strong social media presence can be overwhelming for business owners, yet they are vital for informed decision-making. Group 1826’s team consists of experts in various bookkeeping areas such as processes/systems, administrative support, and virtual controllers. Additionally, we have established strategic partnerships with Paige Financial Services, specializing in tax-related matters, and Quattro Software, focusing on marketing, technology, and custom app integrations.
When you connect with us, we help you unplug from overwhelming tasks, so you’re free to plug into growing your business.

What we value

  • Integrity

    To maintain integrity in our words and actions. Never lie, cheat or steal and always speak the Truth.

  • Family

    To preserve a family-like environment by developing relationships that make a difference with our own employees, our clients, and within the communities we live.

  • Reliable

    To be reliable. If we say we will do something and set a deadline- we want to consistently and promptly provide exactly that.

  • Compassionate

    To be compassionate: We put you first by actively listening to you and your needs and continuing to communicate the entire time we work with you.

  • Serve

    To serve you: We are committed to providing you with the best products and services to help your business grow and succeed.


Experience / Certification Badges

Our Team Experience

Bookkeeping – 21 years avg.
Payroll & H.R. – 4 years avg.
Quickbooks – 12 years avg.
Custom Programming – 13 years avg.
Tax Preparation – 10 years avg.