Work on your business... not in it.

Keeping books shouldn't be a hassle, but it can be.
Group 1826 can help by handling your bookkeeping, payroll,
and administrative tasks, or providing CFO/controller services.


Unlock QuickBooks' full potential, saving you time to focus on your business.

Our qualified staff holds multiple QuickBooks ProAdvisor certifications bringing up-to-the-minute knowledge, skills, and value to QuickBooks users.


Take the worry out of payroll processing with our managed payroll service.
We offer several solutions to fit your payroll processing needs.

Our solutions are tailored for your budget, in compliance with
all state and federal laws, and simple for you.


Looking to maximize your loan forgiveness?

The approval process for forgiveness applications has begun.
The application itself might feel complicated...
but Group 1826’s specialists can help make it simple!


Web design. Marketing & SEO. Social media management.

Whatever your company needs to create a strong internet presence, Group 1826 can handle it. We'll build your website from the ground up and optimize it for long-term growth, security, and marketability.


Group 1826 offers ground-up solutions to automate
simple or complex business tasks.
We can help you push/pull/change existing data on any platform.

If there is redundancy anywhere in your processes,
we can work with you to reduce inefficiencies.


The recent pandemic taught companies that mobility is key.
Our remote/virtual office solutions will ensure that the work goes on --
from anywhere!

Let us tailor a solution to keep your staff connected and running.

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Welcome to Group 1826


Our experience sets us apart from the rest.  Let our qualified staff bring your QuickBooks file back in line, giving you excellent visibility into your company’s operations.


We bring passion to every project — big or small.  Group 1826 is ready to work on your bookkeeping, payroll, tax return, or custom programming project.

Group 1826 combines high-level experience and proven performance in all levels of business operations including management, financial administration, audit prep help, safety, human resources, and asset management.

Our consultants are certified Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisors® and can help with any QuickBooks need you may have including support for setup, training, tune-up, troubleshooting or custom reporting and programming.

In addition, our experts can help you transition to a cloud-based, paperless business model delivering start-to-finish deployments of Google Apps for Business, Office 365, and QuickBooks Online.

Our ability to quickly grasp the big picture allows us to develop and implement new ideas, processes, and system enhancements that are the best fit for your business.

Our focus is to help your company achieve its financial objectives and business growth. Let’s work together to make immediate, substantial improvements to your business today that will be long-lasting.


Contact us today for a




Why Be Normal?

“New normal?” I find this label highly subjective. Why? Because after the last five or six months we’ve had — does anyone really know what “normal” is now?

In February, it was official. The economy was in a recession. Then COVID-19 happened. A pandemic! Even now it feels strange to type this — how are we even here right now? 

As for me, I’m on the lookout for locusts or water that turns to blood to round out what feels like plagues that have hit our world this year.

But here we are at Group 1826 — a business just like yours — starting over.  Starting fresh.  I know lots of businesses that were unable to weather the storm that has been 2020. These were good people whose businesses were, unfortunately, caught in the flood and swept away.

I also know lots of businesses who crept through these uncertain times and are now positioned to prosper, to grow, and to succeed in this new normal of curbside delivery and remote workforces.  We salute you and are ready to partner with you.

The slowdown has given rise to some housekeeping.  One of those items was to refresh our website, dedicating ourselves to a responsible social media presence — to hopefully provide useful guidance for those continuing to navigate the rough waters.  We want to be a beacon and a resource in our ecosystem. 

With this in mind, welcome to our newly-refreshed website.  Check it out and feel free to give us feedback.  We hope this site helps tell our story — about what makes Group 1826 special. 

Spoiler alert: It’s a combination of people, skills, and passion that separates us from others.  We want to build relationships, earn your business, and make a difference in your lives. 

Each new day brings varied challenges, opportunities, wins, and losses. It’s an ever-evolving playing field — our new normal. But we keep coming back.  Just like our economy will.

Let’s get to work!


Jeffrey Berthelsen


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